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If you need help selecting paint colours or putting the finishing touches on your space with accessories to pull it all together our décor services may be what you need. 

pull it all together...


colour consultations 
Colour has a huge impact on how we experience any space, whether it’s a workplace or your home. Any member of our team will come to see you with our deck of 8 1/2” x 11” paint chips and help you select the right colours to reflect your taste and the function of the area. We will leave these large chips with you so you can see the colours throughout the day as the lighting changes.


furniture & finishes selection 
If you are looking to rejuvenate your home without the disruption of construction we can assist you in selecting new flooring, countertops, backsplashes, wallpaper, furniture, lighting and more. By having us work with you on all of your selections we use our talents to put together  spaces that have overall beauty & harmony and reflect the individual tastes and lifestyles of each client.

furniture layout 
 Furniture is a significant investment and we want to help you make it a wise one.  Our detailed furniture plans are drawn to scale to help guide your decisions regarding which pieces you should purchase and the size and placement of these pieces to make your space an appealing and comfortable place to live or work.

 home staging 
Home staging is all the finishing touches to give your home real sparkle. We will come into your home and use what you have, sometimes augmented with some additional items to make your home look stunning whether it’s for a special event or to prepare your house for sale.

art selection & placement 
We asses what art you have and where pieces can be displayed most effectively while considering which pieces in you collection you wish to give prominence to. When we do this we will also analyze key locations that may require new pieces, or suggest that existing pieces will work better with refreshed framing treatments. After giving all our recommendations for hanging we then finish the process by installing them for you.

concept document 
 These quick and easy sheets are a simplified version of our design concept boards. We will give you concise sheets picturing your space with the new additions we are recommending. These are very convenient tools that allow you to picture everything put together. They can be used to specify pieces we are purchasing for you, but can also be used simply as tools to guide your shopping.

seasonal décor 
It is not uncommon for our clients to desire that their seasonal décor reflect the same aesthetic standards as their space does year round. We will use our talents & resources to assemble stunning and unique accents to dress up your home or office for the holidays.

shopping service 
As design professionals we have access to a large number of trade only showrooms that we can arrange to visit with our clients. This allows you to see and feel the quality and comfort of custom and special order pieces before ordering. Since it isn’t always desirable or feasible to wait for special orders, we are also happy to accompany clients to local retailers and assist with selections.

commercial display & merchandizing 
Good displays make people stop and take notice. With years of experience  in visual merchandizing, we can put together stunning displays that will draw customers in and keep them interested.

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